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My Sister’s Keeper

I’m watching it now, and it’s bringing back some bad memories. I just had a wonderful day with my mom, so I’m trying not to let it get to me too much.

While I was never a designer baby to help my sister, like in the movie, it still is hard to watch something where the healthy child’s needs are pushed aside. The day we found out my sister was sick was the day my family started ignoring me. It’s hard to be the healthy one sometimes too. I am 22 now and still need my mom. I certainly needed her when I was 15, so it was hard to be neglected. I think it still has its effects on me sometimes because I’m so independent now because I’ve had to be for 7 years already. Not that being independent is a bad thing… but I think I like being by myself more than anyone should because it’s all I’ve been since then.

It’s just that while I feel for cancer patients, I feel for their siblings as well, especially if they are young. They made not need the health care that their sick brother/sister does, but they still need to know that they are loved.

Random post, but I just needed to get that out.